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22 November 2010

The far reaching influence of the Fordon Jews part 2

As I have documented more than once in this blog, my great- great grandfather was from the small town of Fordon in Poland. As I am always looking for anything that has to do with the Jewish community there, I was quite happy to find not one, but two references to the homeland.
In the records of the Hebrew Cemetery, located at the corner of Canal and South Anthony streets in New Orleans, is found the following information taken from two headstones.

Moses Levy
Died Dec. 20, 1868
aged 30 years
Native of Fordon, Prussia
M.S. Marks
Born in Fordon, Prussia
May 6, 1799
Died Aug 27 1867
It always nice to find the names of those who could have had an influence upon your family. The search continues.


  1. My 3rd Great grandfather was born in Fordon, Prussia. His name was Edward Joseph, born 15 May 1818, died 14 Jul 1882. He is buried at Beth Israel Cemetery in Woodville, MS.

    1. Feel free to contact me... always looking for that missing piece as well!