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18 November 2010

The Family Abendanon

During the Inquisition many Jews fled from Spain and Portugal, and settled throughout other places in Europe especially England and the Netherlands. One such family maybe the Abendanon family. Family tradition is that they fled Spain and settled in England or the Netherlands and then settled in the Caribbean.

The earliest trace of the family is on the Isle of St. Eustatias, where Jaim Abendanon was in the early 1700's. However, because of the records being burned, the names of his parents have not been found. Following his stay in St. Eustatias, the family is found in Suriname, and from there the family tree is more defined. The family name does appear in records of England, where at Bevis Marks Synagogue in 1709, Moshe the son of Joseph Abendanon was married.

If you know anything of the parents of Jaim Abendanon, or of the family please feel free to contact this blog ( ). Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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