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03 May 2011

Knowles Collection Update

In February of 2011, the Knowles Collection was updated to include the genealogical records of over 195,000 Jewish people. Today, less than 3 months later the Knowles Collection is again being updated. The five databases that make up the collection now include the records of almost 240,000 people. The individual databases are:

Jews of the British Isles - 112,800 people

Jews of the Americas - 73,400 people

Jews of Europe - 40,600 people

Jews of Africa and the Orient - 7200 people

    Jews of the Caribbean - 5700 people

The continued growth comes from many areas, however the most rewarding part is the many family trees that have been donated to the various collection. I am very grateful for all those who have donated their own records so that others may benefit from the research that has already been completed. As of this update, there are now records from over 70 different countries, from hundreds of different sources. The Knowles Collection is constantly updated and has been averaging about 15,000 new records a month. The collection, which is freely accessible can be accessed as either a GEDCOM or can be individually searched. The Knowles Collection wiki page at FamilySearch Wiki, can help anyone access these links. It can be found at

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