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02 May 2011

The far reaching influence of the Fordon Jews part 4

As part of my ever continuing plan to document the Jews of Fordon, Poland, I was most curious to find the following entry from a headstone at the Rookwood Cemetery just outside Sydney, Australia.

On that headstone are listed a husband and wife and their daughter. It says;

Marianne Levy Nelson born at Liss, Prussia died 29 Jul 1892 age 50.

Abraham Levy Nelson J. P. born at Fordon, Prussia. Died 4 May 1893 age 54.

Erected by their daughter Julia Nelson.

Once again I am amazed at the influence one small community can have throughout the world. I am sure eventually the people of Fordon will have left their mark on the majority of the world.

1 comment:

  1. I was interested to come across this post ... I have ancestors who were born in Fordon and the information I have so far is contained in my own blogpost here