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27 August 2010

The Sephardic Family Piza

As one researches more and more Jewish records, it becomes very obvious that we all descend from some incredible families. One of those families is the Piza family.
Although the location of where this family comes from is still open for debate, we do know the family was in Amsterdam as early as the late 1600's. There earlier references to the surname in such places as the city of Piza, Italy; Bologna, Spain and various locations in Portugal. In many of these places, the Piza or De Piza, family are very prominent members of the community.
The tree at right (FHL film #1,013,431), shows the family of Joshua Piza and his wife's, Hannah and Beneveaida Sacuto, sisters from Amsterdam. Joshua and his family left Amsterdam in the 1820's and settled throughout the Caribbean, including places such as Jamaica, Barbados, St. Thomas and Curacao. This families works, have laid a wonderful foundation for many Jewish Communities.

Some of the records of the Piza family are in The Jews of the British Isles, while many others are soon to be located in the Jews of the Caribbean.


  1. hi, my name is Suzanna great grand daughter of Hanna, I wanted to correct something, Hanna was no sister of Benvanida, Benvanida's sister's name was Esther Sacuto. Thanks much. congratulations I love all that you wrote.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Adina Lindo born Sept. 2, 1873 may have been born in Kingston, Jamaica or Newport, Rhode Island.
    She married a Pizza, the a Walker and 3 sons
    Norman Sylvester V. Pizza Lancelot Pezza(spelled with an e)
    and Reginald George Walker.
    Does anyone know any info?thanks.