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17 January 2017

Knowles Collection Updated

With the beginning of the new year, the time has come to update the Knowles Collection. The collection, which consists of 6 databases that contain the genealogical records of the Jewish people, now contain almost 1.4 million people. The individual databases and the number of records within it is as follows;

  • Jews Of North America  609,491
  • Jews of Europe 459,431
  • Jews of British Isles 228,344
  • Jews of Africa, Orient and Middle East 42,836
  • Jews of Caribbean and South America 21,844
  • Jews of South Pacific 21,528
As the collection continues to grow, the people in the databases continue to benefit from the additional sources. The 6 databases now contain over 4 million source citations. The collection adds between 5-10 thousand records each month, of all types, however I am most thankful to the many people who have added their own family records.
The collection is available free of charge on the FamilySearch website. The steps to access the collection can be found at this link, Accessing the Knowles Collection

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