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14 November 2011

Ten Powerful "Search" Features at

As we continue the search for ancestors, we often turn to the various databases available on the Internet. There are many wonderful places to search for those missing family members, if only we knew the best way to search through the records, and where to begin. One of those websites is
Now, Phill Dunn, author of the Brit-Ish Heritage Forum blog has broken down how best to use the search engine. Its an incredible help to all those looking in Familysearch for their families. His article can be found at
Phill is a very accomplished researcher who specialises in London and big city research. His years of experience searching for those tough to find ancestors, has taught him how best to work through the various databases. Using that knowledge to help us all through Familysearch, we be a benefit to many. Even long time users of Familysearch will find this very helpful. Please visit his blog to learn how.

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