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31 January 2011

The Jews of Sing Sing

As we research our families, we all seem to find those ancestors who are considered the Black Sheep of their respected families. While it happens to us all the only difference is the extremes to which these people have gone to achieve such distinction.

Well known author Ron Arons has now documented the lives of some of those who may be considered the blackest of black sheep, the Jewish inmates of Sing Sing prison in New York. Beginning with an ancestor who served time "up the river", this is a fascinating read about those who found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

The most incredible part of this book as I read it, was how well it portrayed the lives of immigrants to their new country, I could develop a picture in my own mind of what life must have been like. These people were sons, fathers and husbands who all had their own families. The only difference being that many of their family photos also included a side portrait. This should be a must read for anyone whose family came to America through New York City.

In addition to his book, Ron has now developed a line of clothing so that we may all take pride in being the Black Sheep of our own family. I can think of no better way to attend a family reunion, than by showing up in a Black Sheep of the Family shirt. The book and the clothing can be found at Thanks Ron for a great book.

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