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31 December 2010

The Toledano Family of Gibraltar

Throughout the various databases of the Knowles Collection, the family Toledano can be found. In the British Isles, the members of the family will be located being married at Bevis Marks Synagogue in London. In the Caribbean are found the brothers Abraham(b. 1820) and Levy (b.1828)starting their families in the records of the Jewish Congregation of St. Thomas. These are just a few of the many members of a very prominent family, influential throughout the world. Now, the history of the family is being told.
In the Toledano Families Home Page at Ya'acov Tal Toledano, is making that story available to all.

Beginning with the history of the name Toledano, as well as providing the background of the family throughout the world, this website is an incredible journey of a Sephardic Family through many generations. Information on each of the various branches is given and even a beautiful pedigree of one of the families from Gibraltar is provided.

In addition to the website, a book of the family, "The Descendants of Daniel Toledano" has been published. This book detailing 17 generations of the family history, covers 430 years of Rabbi Daniel Toledano's descendants history. For anyone researching this family, both the website and the book would be wonderful resources.

As the email address of Yacov Tal Toledano is provided I would recommend anyone interested in the family contact him so that the history can be told and preserved.

I would also like to express my thanks for his granting of permissions so that the Toledanos of Gibraltar can be added to the Jews of Africa and the Orient database.

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