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27 December 2010

The Jews of St. Thomas part 2

As mentioned before, the Family History Library has in its collection the Synagogue birth records from the Jewish Congregation of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. These records (FHL intl. film #882930) cover the years from 1786-1954.
As one goes through these records some very interesting details of the Jews of St. Thomas emerge. While the majority of the records are from St. Thomas, other places such as St. Croix, the Dominican Republic, Barcelona and Venezuela are often mentioned. The records show just how close the communities were. As part of that closeness, it appears that no matter how far they were from home, their hearts had never left.
In the birth records we find that Seligman and Zipporah Rothschild had at least 10 children born to them. The first six were born in St. Thomas, while child #7, a son, Herman and child #8, another son, named Charles Ancel were born in Germany, Herman in Hamburg and Charles Ancel in Munich. In both cases the entree states that the birth was communicated back to St. Thomas.
This same communicating of the birth record exists for many families. Hannah, the daughter of Abraham and Sarah M. Baiz was recorded as having been born on the 26th of June in 1844, in Elizabethtown, New Jersey. Again, their bodies may not have been in St. Thomas, but their hearts were.

These records have now been added to the Knowles Collection -Jews of the Caribbean database and will be availble after the next update.

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