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20 October 2010

Stix Family of Demmelsdorf, Bavaria

I am very fortunate in my work to have such great access to some incredible genealogical records. Of the many records I have at my fingertips, I am constantly amazed by the information found in the collections of Malcolm Stern.

In the collection of donated records (FHL film #1013431) is included the history of the Stix family. Solomon Stix was born 2 Apr 1788, in Demmelsdorf, Bavaria a town about an hour from Bamberg.. He was the son of Cashman Solomon and his wife Relia, both also of Demmelsdorf. In 1813, as with many Jews he took a surname. He took the name of Stix.

On the second of November, 1815, Solomon married Deborah Cohen in Schneidach, Bavaria, her hometown. To this marriage were born 10 children. One of these, Aaron, became the Rabbi of Demmelsdorf. As times were tough in Germany and with so many mouths to feed, it couldn't have been an easy time to have such a large family, so many of the children started making their way to America in the 1830's. Eventually the parents and remaining children joined them in 1844, most eventually settling in Ohio.

As the history is read, something stands out. Solomon's work ethic must have been an incredible example to his family. The story is told how late in his life the children encouraged him to "desist from his labors and let us help provide for you and mother". His reply was simple and to the point. He said " As long as I have the strength, I shall support my wife and myself".

Truly, a remarkable family, one of many, who established in us, great habits and determination for generations to follow.

The records of this family are now being added to The Jews of Europe and will be available there soon.

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