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01 October 2010

The Jewish Victorian

As we research our families, there are many things that become quite obvious. First, newspapers are an incredible resource for information, and second, wouldn't it be nice if there was an easy way to access all that information. Well, if the footprints of your family passed through the British isles, you have a great tool for your research.

Doreen Berger has gleamed the Jewish Newspapers of the British Isles for the years 1861-1880. Her books (FHL #942 F2bd 1861-1870, and FHL #942 F2bd 1871-1880) are now available and are indeed a must have for researchers.

These books, published through Robert Boyd Publications, are very easy to use. Thanks to a lot of dedicated work, the records are alphabetical by surname. The records which include not only births, marriages and deaths but other types of records as well, such as obituaries, court records and many more.
In addition, references have been given to locate the records of other family members.

This blog would like to thank Doreen for her incredible work and encourage all researchers to obtain their own copy.

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