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20 October 2010

AKEVOTH - Dutch Jewish Genealogical Data Base

The earliest records compiled into the Knowles Collection were the records of the late Isobel Mordy. As I have written before, her work, which was done before the time of home computers and the Internet was, and is a great source for researchers looking for their Jewish families. Her records were mostly from sources within the British Isles. These records however, did include the families that had immigrated in London. One of the largest of these groups were the Cigar Makers who came from Amsterdam.

Now almost 30 years after her death, the availability of records is one of the wonderful things about doing family history work. One of the best examples of these databases is This site, is dedicated to The Research of the family origins and heritage of Dutch Jewry.
This site is not only a must for those researching in Holland, but also anyone who had family who left there for places such as London or the Caribbean, as the origins of the family may be found in the data base. It is truly one of the most friendly sites for research, those behind it have done a remarkable job. The menu at the right shows just some of the topics that can be researched. It should be searched by anyone with any interest in these records.

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