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15 September 2010

Unusual Occupations of English Jews

Its always fun to look through the records for our ancestors. Yesterday as I was researching a couple of English families I came across a couple of interesting items.

The first entry is from the 1861 Census of England. Living at #4, Lower Road in Islington, is the family of Joseph Andrade. A very typical family, mom, dad and one daughter. What is unusual is the father's occupation. he is listed as a"Ostrich Feather Manufacturer". Up until this moment, I always thought this was the job of the Ostrich.

The second entry was from the 1891 Census of England. According to the transcript online, Harris Dancyger was listed as being a "water maker". This would be an incredible talent to have, and be a wonderful thing for our world. However, if you look at the original census, you will find that he is actually a watchmaker.

Sometimes, it pays to take a closer look at the original records.

1 comment:

  1. What a funny occupation! Me and Jane are in class looking at your twitter, enjoying your humor! Keep up the good work dad!