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16 August 2010

These Are the Names: Jewish Lives in Australia 1788-1850

It is not very often that a source comes along that can cover the Jewish community of an entire country.For Australia, that has indeed happened.
In his book These Are The Names: Jewish Lives in Australia 1788-1850 (FHL book # 994 K3l), Rabbi John S. Levi, lays the foundation of the history of the Jewish people in Australia. Regardless of whether they came free or as convicts, Ashkenazim or Sephardim, man or woman, there stories are beautifully told here. The book even provides the references to other sources vital to family researchers.
In his own words, I believe Rabbi Levi, in the Author's Note section, tells us what makes this book so important. he says " These Are The Names is written for the layman to pick up and read. I hope the references will lead investigators to do their own research. I have tried to provide the clues. I for one, believes he has been most successful.

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