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11 August 2010

Sir Edward Albert Sassoon

The Sassoon family is one of the truly remarkable families in Jewish history. This family, known worldwide, finds its origins in Baghdad, Iraq. The head of the family, Sassoon ben Salih, was a banker to the provincial Governor of Baghdad. Later, his son, David, took his own family and fled to Bombay, India, where he established the international business firm of David Sassoon & Company. In Bombay they became a very prosperous family, even becoming known as the "Rothschilds of the East".

Some members of the family eventually settled in England. Sir Edward Albert Sassoon was born in Bombay India on 20 June 1856. He was the fifth and youngest child of Sir Albert Abdallah David Sassoon, the son of David Sassoon. Upon his father's death in 1896, he became baronet. Sir Edward Albert married Aline, the daughter of Baron Gustave de Rothschild of Paris, in 1887.

Throughout his life he established himself in many fields. He was a military man, serving as a Major in the Duke of Cambridge's Hussars Yeomanry. He was a member of Parliament, a director of and leader in several business, as well as President of the
London Spanish and Portuguese Congregation.
Sir Edward Albert Sassoon died on 24 may 1912 at Park Lane, London. The marker at right is located at the Willesden Liberal Cemetery, Pound Lane.

The records of this family are located in The Jews of the British Isles

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