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26 August 2010

The Jews of Valencia and Tortosa and the Spanish Inquisition

For over 30 years the Ventura family has been researching the history of their family, which was driven out of Spain during the inquisition. Their journey has taken them to archives throughout Spain and Italy. The completion of that search has yielded a remarkable treasure for Jewish researchers.

Their history, is now an incredible book, "The Jews of Valencia and Tortosa and the Spanish Inquisition" (FHL book #946.7 K3v). The book, which has been compiled mostly from the trial notes, documents the Jewish families of the area from the late 1300's through the early 1500's. It is the desire of the family to share this history with everyone, so it has now been donated to, and is now part of the collection of the Family History Library. It is available for all researchers to search.
The records of these families can be found in The Jews of Europe.

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