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14 October 2015

British Columbia Marriage Registrations, 1859-1932; 1937

The amazing amount of marriage records now available online continues to grow. This collection, the British Columbia Marriage Registrations, 1859-1932, 1937, contains over 141,000 images. The original records are from the Division of Vital Statistics, however they are now available for viewing at
The actual records provide some wonderful information on those who were married in British Columbia. Not only has this collection been made available in transcription form but the original documents are also included. I began my search by just performing a simple search of the surname Cohen, which returned 569 hits.
Searching the list I was able to locate the record I was looking for, the 1911 marriage of Abraham Charles Cohen to Laura Bertha Weaver. The transcription provided me with most of the information. It included the names, ages and birthplaces of the bride and groom as well as the names of both sets of parents, including the mothers maiden names. That transcription is show below.

 The transcription, also states that the record is a marriage license for the marriage which took place on 4 June 1911 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Additionally it also provides us with the number of the Family History Library film that was used to transcribe the record (1983703). When I then followed up by looking at the original record (see below), I was able to gather a little more information, such as the names and addresses of the witnesses, the fact that both bride and groom were Jewish and the name of the Rabbi who performed the marriage, Rabbi Elias Friedlander.

 This collection should be of great help to all of those who had family married in British Columbia. The collection should continue to grow as more records become available.


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