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20 November 2013

Belgium Civil Registration at FamilySearch

One of the most important records for all family historians has always been the government records of Birth, Marriage and Death. These Civil Registration documents can provide very important information not only for the person of record, but also parents, siblings and spouses.
Now, FamilySearch has just updated some of the Civil Registration records for Belgium. The areas that have been updated and the years covered are;
  • Belgium, Antwerp            1609-1909
  • Belgium, Brabant             1582-1912
  • Belgium, East Flanders    1598-1906
  • Belgium, Hainaut             1600-1911
  • Belgium, Limburg            1798-1906
  • Belgium, Liege                 1621-1910
  • Belgium, Luxembourg      1608-1912
  • Belgium, Namur                1800-1912
  • Belgium, West Flanders    1582-1910
The records can provide a good amount of information. The example below is the death record of Jacob Meyer Cohen, who died on 17 August 1853. This record comes from the Belgium, East Flanders collection. The top image is the index, and the bottom image is the original record. 

The records are part of the Historical Collections at and are free to all.

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