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14 March 2013

Jews of Europe database updated

The Knowles Collection: Jews of Europe database has been updated again. The continued growth has brought the database to now include the records of over 250,000 Jews. The latest additions  include the birth, marriage and death records of the Jews of Bratislava, as well as records from Denmark and the Netherlands.


  1. What can you tell me (if anything) about Jews in Switzerland, (Zurich / Canton Aargau) in 1700-1800 intermarrying with Mennonites/Anabaptists. I have Anabaptist history on both sides of my family from those places and, as I look at old pictures, I see "Jewishness" written all over many, many of the faces. I can't find anybody who will even approach this subject with me. One dear cousin in Alsace, in her 90s (who would know if anyone did)said, "Oh, it was such a long time ago." She died at 102 and took all the info with her (if there was any!). Many thanks!!

    1. I should add that the last name spellings would be Baltzli, Boeltzli in Switzerland (Swiss/German); Belsly and Belsley mostly in Illinois; Pelsy in Indiana and Alsace; Abersoll in Indiana and Abresol in France; Frei in Switzerland and Frey in Indiana. There are probably a couple of other variations, but that's major ones, all beginning with the earliest I've found. Thanks again.