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13 September 2012

Belgium, Civil Registration, 1795-1910 at FamilySearch

The number of records available at for finding our Jewish ancestors continues to grow. On 5 September 2012, the Belgium, Civil Registration database for the years 1795-1910 was increased to include over 560,000 records.

The database is part of the Historical Collections section at FamilySearch, and can easily be accessed for no charge through the home page. The records for Belgium are available in the Continental Europe section (as shown below).
At this time the collection does not include the images, it is only an index, however, the information provided is very useful. The two records below, show the incredible information that can be found from a death entry. The top entry shows the death of 1 year old and the bottom entry, a 53 year old man. The amount of information provided for researchers is incredible and should be very beneficial to those with ancestry from Belgium.

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