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19 September 2012

United Kingdom, Maritime Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1787-1933

Another collection of records helpful to those looking for their Jewish ancestors has arrived at The collection, the United Kingdom, Maritime Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1787-1933, has been added to the Historical Collections. While it is not large at this point, only about 42,000 records, it does include the images, which have been provided by
The collection is name searchable and very easy to use. The search page (shown below), as with all the Historical Collections allows the researcher to search by various pieces of information.

The images for the collection are very clear and easy to decipher. The records below are examples of a birth record and a death record. Included on both are the names, dates of the events and the ship name.

While small now, this collection could add valuable assistance for those whose families travelled from country to country by ship. This collection could provide the information needed to fill in those missing records.

13 September 2012

Belgium, Civil Registration, 1795-1910 at FamilySearch

The number of records available at for finding our Jewish ancestors continues to grow. On 5 September 2012, the Belgium, Civil Registration database for the years 1795-1910 was increased to include over 560,000 records.

The database is part of the Historical Collections section at FamilySearch, and can easily be accessed for no charge through the home page. The records for Belgium are available in the Continental Europe section (as shown below).
At this time the collection does not include the images, it is only an index, however, the information provided is very useful. The two records below, show the incredible information that can be found from a death entry. The top entry shows the death of 1 year old and the bottom entry, a 53 year old man. The amount of information provided for researchers is incredible and should be very beneficial to those with ancestry from Belgium.

07 September 2012

Estonia Population Registers 1918-1944 at FamilySearch

As the Historical Collections section at continues to grow some wonderful records are emerging for those with European ancestry. One of the newest collections to be added is a great example. The Estonia Population Registers for 1918-1944 have started to be added.
The  records which comprise this collection were made after the Russian Revolution through the end of World War II, and include records of taxpayers, citizens, Jews, Germans, and prisoners of war. They include records such as inhabitant records and tax censuses.
The records themselves were created on the local level and later transferred to the national Archives, were they are housed. The writing in the records differs, as they can be in German, Russian or Estonian. The record below is an inhabitant record from the city of Aakre.

This is a new collection that has just been added, it is not complete and at this time it is not name searchable, however the records are listed by location and as of 7 September 2012 there are over 370,000 images. As with all the FamilySearch databases, the records from Estonia are provided free of charge at More information about this database can also be found at the FamilySearch wiki.