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31 August 2012

The Far Reaching Influence of the Fordon Jews - Part 6

It is well documented in this blog that I get very excited at any mention of the Jews from Fordon, Poland, ancestral home of my Rosenbaum family. As the previous post mentions, I have been going through the early death certificates from the State of Utah. As I have researching this collection, I came across the death certificate for Samuel E. Levy, who died in Salt Lake City on 22 January 1941.
Samuel Levy was born the 24th day of November, 1873 in San Francisco, California and had been a resident of the local community for 36 years. The certificate (shown below) also provides the information for his parents. The information provided shows that both is father Solomon and mother Henrietta were born in Fordon. Of great interest to me is that Samuel, born of parents from Fordon came to Salt Lake City from San Francisco. My ancestor, Morris David Rosenbaum was born in Fordon, travelled throughout the United States, finally arriving in San Francisco. Once there he made his way to his final home in Brigham City, Utah. They followed much the same trail just 50 years apart.

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