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14 August 2012

Illinois, Northern District Naturalization Index, 1840-1950 at

Today, I was helping someone look for the records of their family who lived in Chicago at the time of the 1910 United States Census. The census record (shown below) shows that Meyer Abramovitz, who born about 1869 in Russia, was living in the Chicago 9th ward. As of the census he was living with his wife Belma and their five children.

The census record also showed that Meyer arrived in the United States in 1900 and he was naturalized. It was then the desire to find the naturalization for Meyer. Not knowing much more than that, we took a look at the records available online at Much to my relief, amongst those collections were the indexes to the Illinois, Northern District Naturalization records for 1840-1950.

Using that index, I was able to locate the card containing the information on Meyer.

The card (above) verifies that Meyer was indeed born in in 1869, in Russia and arrived in New York in 1900. Additional information provides with the name of a possible relative, Samuel. Once again the databases available at are incredibly valuable for finding our ancestors.

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