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14 July 2011

National Museum of American Jewish Military History

This year we are remembering the 150Th anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War. While most everyone from school age on up can retell something about that event, not everyone is aware of the many Jews who played important roles on both sides. People such as Judah P. Benjamin, who was perhaps the highest ranking Jew in the Confederate Army and a man many considered to be the brains of the Confederacy. He sacrificed so much for his adopted country, before dying in Europe after the War.
So many have fought so hard for this country. Through their efforts, we enjoy peace and the freedom to live our life as we so desire, we owe them so much. Their sacrifices should never be forgotten, and thanks to The National Museum of American Jewish Military History they never will be.

The Museum, based in Washington D.C. provides a great source for educating ourselves about those who have served and died in the service of others. The museum has a wonderful website ( which is easy to use and should be visit by all. It pays tribute to all who have served in the military, and serves as a reminder to us all of what we are so blessed to have. May they never be forgotten.

Thanks to Alexandra Goldberg for bringing this to my attention.

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