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30 July 2010

The far reaching influence of the Fordon Jews

Over the generations, families move for many reasons, and I am constantly amazed at how widespread our families become. My own great grandfather, Morris David Rosenbaum, a Polish Jew, was born in Fordon, Poland in the early 1830's. Over time his journey took him to New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco and eventually to Utah.
It was then with great interest that I was reading the book The Jews of Ireland, by Louis Hyman. In his chapter on the Dublin congregation he writes, "In 1829, the eleven families of the congregation appointed the Rev. Isaac Davidson to be Reader, shochet, and mohel. Davidson was born in Fordon, in the duchy of Posen, settled in England about the year 1820, and was for some time the reader and sochet in Sunderland and Brighton, apart from an interval as private secretary to Solomon Herschell, the Chief Rabbi of England."

The records of this family can be found in the Jews of the British Isles, and The Jews of Europe.

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  1. Hi,

    I have been researching my family's genealogy for quite some time now too! I have come to the conclusion that my great, great, great grandfather, Matthias David Marks, or M.D. Marks was from Fordon, Poland. He was born in 1804 and lived in Fordon with his family. His father's name was David and his sister's married name was Ernesthine Cohn. Matthias married Bertha Blumenthal and settled in Mississippi in 1843 and after living in Louisiana and Tennessee. He later had seven children - Moses, Benjamin, Aaron, Isaac, Joseph, Rosa, and Hannah. He died on April 7, 1873 in Natchez, Mississippi. On his gravestone and from records, I know he served in the 4th regiment of the Mississippi Military Militia. Please contact me at

    Thanks so much for your help and hope to talk to you soon!