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18 June 2010

Samuel Levy (Berg)

In the southwest portion of the Salt Lake City Cemetery is found the B'nai Israel Jewish Burial Ground. In amongst the neatly groomed rows of headstones is found the marker of Samuel Levy of London. From the headstone, we find that he was born on 9 Nov 1841 in London. However, upon viewing the death certificate obtained from the Utah State Archives, we find the following.
On the 3rd of October 1904, Samuel Levy, aka Samuel Berg died in Salt Lake City. He was born in London, England on 16 April 1841. His parents, Jacob and Anna Levy were both born in England. This document also raises a few questions. What was Samuel doing in Salt Lake City? His occupation as listed on the death certificate was Cigar Dealer. This could not have been a major occupation in Salt Lake City at the turn of the century.
<>The 1900 Census of Utah raises even more questions. In the household which is listed as the same address as the death certificate, Samuel and his wife Marie and their children are listed. However Samuel is listed as being born in 1846 and his wife 1854. Neither of these dates match up with the previous documents. Further research, hopefully will answer these questions.

The records of this family are in The Jews of the Americas.

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