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25 June 2010

Accessing the Knowles Collection through Family Search Community Trees

As the collection continues to grow, the challenge becomes how to make the collection more easily accessible to researchers. The database can be downloaded by GEDCOM into any genealogical program. However, it is a large file that can be a challenge to some computers. Hopefully, that problem can be addressed through FamilySearch Community Trees.

Community Trees is a fully searchable database that gives researchers views of individuals, families, ancestors and descendants. It also allows reserachers to print records, view sources and even download some records. Additionally, researchers can search a particular tree or search across multiple trees. The records below shows, Catherine Gluckstein as the daughter in a family grouping with her parents, Samuel Henry and Hannah (Joseph) Gluckstein, her husband,and children. The record even provides a list of sources that were used to create this family record.

Another advantage of Community Trees is the ability to Print the records, such as the Pedigree Chart here for Catherine. The program can be set to print as many generations as are wanted, or can be saved, by downloaded to any medium, for printing later. Hopefully, Community Trees will allow researchers throughout the world easier access to The Knowles Collection.

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