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23 November 2009

Accessing the "Knowles Collection"

For any database to be a helpfull tool for a genealogist, it must be easy to find. The "Knowles Collection" now has a couple of ways in which it can be accessed. The original location for the collection is on the Jewish Resources page at At that site the collection can be downloaded as either a PAF file or as a Gedcom file.
The newest way to access the collection is by visiting the Historical Families website at On this site the collection can be searched individually or together with the other pedigrees located there. As with, this a freely searchable website.
No matter how hard we try to avoid it, as the database continues to grow there will no doubt be errors or some duplication. While it is continually checked for errors, some are missed. That is why the input of the users is so vital. If errors are found, please contact me at this blog and we can make those changes. The email address is availble in the top part of the right hand column.

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