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30 January 2015

Knowles Collection Updated

The 6 databases that comprise the Knowles Collection have now been updated on the FamilySearch Community Trees site. The collection now contains genealogical records for over 1.15 million people.
The databases and the number of people contained in each are;

  1. Jews of Africa, Orient and the Middle East         37,618
  2. Jews of the British Isles                                        206,330
  3. Jews of Europe                                                      380,629
  4. Jews of North America                                         489,400
  5. Jews of South America and the Caribbean          21,351
  6. Jews of South Pacific                                              21,518
The entire collection can be viewed for free by visiting the FamilySearch Community Trees site.

Once at the site (shown above), click on Advanced Search and it will lead you to the following screen.

The top box says all trees. By clicking on the arrow located at the far right of that it will give you a drop down menu of all the trees. In that list the 6 Knowles Collection databases can all be found (see below). 

The increase in records comes from many sources, most notably burial records, civil registration records and an amazing number of family trees that have been submitted by families. My deepest thanks to all those who have helped this project.

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