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06 February 2013

Knowles Collection update

The growth of the Knowles Collection continues. Today, three of the individual databases were updated with new records. The increase in numbers comes from many sources, including a large number of cemetery records and the addition of the remainder of the records of the 1869 Hungarian Census. 
 The databases and the new number of people included in the records are:
  • Jews of the Caribbean and South America   18,939
  • Jews of the South Pacific                                 18,572
  • Jews of Africa and the Orient                         15,934
In addition, over the next week the databases for the other three databases will also be updated. Those databases and the number of people included are:

  • Jews of the British Isles       157,249
  • Jews of North America        246,000
  • Jews of Europe                    158,000
 My thanks to everyone who has submitted their records to the Knowles Collection.

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