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24 August 2012

Knowles Collection updated

The growth of the various databases that together comprise The Knowles Collection continues. Today, the collection has been updated to include the records of almost 450,000 Jewish people, which is an increase of almost 50% since the last update.
In addition, a new database has been added, The Jews of the Southern Pacific. This new database reflects the amazing amount of records and donations coming from Australia and New Zealand. The six databases and the number of records they include are ;

  • The Jews of North America         173,300
  • The Jews of The British Isles       145,000
  • The Jews of South America and the Caribbean     11,900
  • The Jews of Africa and the Orient       11,500
  • The Jews of The Southern Pacific       15,750
  • The Jews of Europe          82,800
Over the last few months many people from all over the world have been donating their records to be added to the collection. I am very humbled by the incredible work many researchers have done to preserve their families. Hopefully the work of finding our families will continue to grow.
In the upper right hand corner of this blog is the link to the historical Families Collections of Those collections is where the databases are located and where they can be searched.

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