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01 July 2011

Records of British Columbia, Canada on

It has been discussed many times of the amazing databases becoming available at, that make it easier for researchers to find records of our Jewish ancestors in Non-Jewish records. A few more of those databases are now available free of charge for those wishing to locate their families in British Columbia, Canada.
The databases are easy to find and very user friendly when it comes to searching the records. On the website is located the map of the world next to the links for browsing the databases of different parts of the world.
By clicking on the link for USA, Canada and Mexico, a listing of all the databases for those areas will be listed. Included in that list are three databases for British Columbia, Canada.

The two larger databases, Death Registration 1872-1986 and Marriage Registrations 1859- 1932 have a good number of records of the Jews of British Columbia. The databases are search able and while the images are not included the information provided is very good. The records below show some of the information for each record.

The records shown here, a marriage on the left and a death on the right, also provide the microfilm numbers of the original films in the collection of the Family History Library and also the film numbers from the British Columbia Archives.

Using those film numbers researchers should be able to find the original certificate if they so desire. Happy Canada Day Everyone

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