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10 June 2011

Gesher Galicia, Inc.

As any researcher knows, its always best to have help as we look for our ancestors. Sometimes that means visiting with family, friends our other s who share the same interests, as we try to expand those family trees.

For anyone who is researching family in Galicia, a great website is now available for you to collaborate with others. Gesher Galicia, is that site. As the title page says,

While the entire site is looking like a great tool for researchers, I especially enjoy the section titled, Life in Galicia, which includes articles, photos and videos on an assortment of things about the area. Watching the videos had an incredible effect of bringing the area to life, it was easy to imagine where our ancestors once walked. I would strongly encourage everyone to join together with fellow researchers and help this great work along.

Thanks to Pamela Weisberger for bringing this to my attention.

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