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15 November 2010

Gentleman's Magazine

In researching our family histories we are always looking for that wonderful new source. Sometimes, however, it is the older unused source that can provide us with the information we are seeking. One of those great unused sources is The Gentleman's Magazine.

Beginning in January of 1731, the magazine was published monthly, until 1907, when publication was ceased.
Within the volumes, one can find all sorts of information, from biographies, histories and even poetry and pictures. For those researching their family histories, the information on births, marriages and deaths is incredible. The collection of the Family History Library includes the bound volumes as well as the complete index. The indexes (FHL book # 942 B2g index)shown at right, is 75 volumes by itself. The index shown is a small part of the index for the family surname Goldsmid. Simple to use, simply look in the volume corresponding to the year and then turn to that page.

A few examples of the Goldsmid family are shown here. First in 1803 on page 788, is announced the marriage of Isaac Goldsmid to his cousin.

Further in 1846 part 2, page 84, is listed the title by which Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid will use in England. Finally, the issue for 1815, the deaths of 2 children of Isaac Lyon Goldsmid are listed. On page 381 we find that Daniel, the second son and George, the fourth son died at Brighton.

While this collection is available at the Family History Library it is also available online and can be searched. A very valuable tool that should be checked for any mention of English families and especially those in London.

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